The Balling
Tine Psoten (A), 2006

AG:" Wissen Sie eigentlich, was Madonna mal über mich gesagt hat?
AG:" Andi Gruber - - - ? Wer ist das denn ? "

T.P's 4th architectural invention is a vivid counterstrike to Control6 : C6 is unveiled as a replica of the unaesthetic and therefore ironed out to resemble it's unmatched referrer, namely Ping-pong.
The libertine 3.6 meters long Table-Slot emphasizes T.P's continuity concerning feminism and its symbols, as well as her unbroken believe in fertility and happiness.

Die Beobachtung der Installation erfolgt auf Anweisung der Kuenstlerin und durch
Richard Bernhard Dank
Andi Maria Gruber
non-translate statement :
Auf direkten Wunsch der Kuenstlerin bleiben die textlichen extras zu dieser Arbeit unuebersetzt
On the artist's direct desire the textual extras to this work remain untranslated.

The rocking ventilator is courtesy of Wenzel U. Wondra.

The Balling is on loan to the IAM@TUGraz by the artist,
with the implicite directive of daily activation.

The surveillance of the installation is carried out on the artist's directive and by
Richard Bernhard Dank
Andi Maria Gruber